Autumn Delightad

Test #4-10-43
Introduced in 2008
Lineage: Haralson x Parkland
pH: 3.2-3.45
Titratable Acidity: 0.53-0.57% Malic acid
Sugar: 11-14.5 brix

The fruit size is small to medium, 6 to 7 cms in diameter and the shape is slightly conical. The fruit stem is long. The fruit skin develops a waxy coating in storage. The colour is 80% washed with dark wine red over light greenish yellow.  The flavour is sweet and good and the fruit is excellent for fresh eating and cut into salads.  The cut fruit has good browning resistance and the core is of medium size and open. The texture is slightly spongy and exceptionally crisp and juicy.  The flesh colour is creamy white often with red vascular tissue.  The cooked flesh has medium firmness and the colour is yellow with pinkish flesh near the skin.  The apple is very late, ripening around September 26th and the fruit hangs well on the tree.  The fruit has excellent storability.  The tree has excellent winter hardiness and is semi-dwarf in vigour.  The tree is mildew resistant but is susceptible to fire blight.

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