Festive Treat

Accession Number: 18-7-10
Parentage: Brookland x MacIntosh
Released by: Rick Sawatzky, University of Saskatchewan

pH: 0.22-0.28
Titratable Acidity: 0.72-0.83% Malic acid
Sugar: 12.7-14.2 brix

Notes: Ripe September 24 but starts falling too early if not fruit thinned. Very fine crisp juicy texture.  Flavor is rich and sweet with a very good acid balance.  Shape is round and asymmetrical. Colour  90% splashed and striped red (little solid red) over light greenish yellow ground.  Storage is good and remains very juicy after beginning to soften due to the very fine texture. Needs professional care to produce quality fruit and recommended to commercial growers only.

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