Misty Rose


Accession Number: 4-11-48
Lineage: Brookland x Pioneer #10 or Minn 1728
Released by: Rick Sawatzky, University of Saskatchewan
Titratable Acidity: 0.62-0.63% Malic acid
Sugar: 13.5-16.0 brix

Notes: The fruit is medium in size (6.5 to 8 cms in diameter) and has a long fruit stem.  The shape is slightly conical and very smooth.  The colour is usually a 90% red wash over light green but will vary from season to season depending on the weather in fall.  The flavour is sweet and good and the fruit is very good eaten fresh.  The texture is firm, crisp and juicy and the flesh colour is white.  It ripens around September 4th and falls easily after that date.  The fruit has good storability.  The tree is vigorous, winter hardy and it tends to be the open, leggy, tip-bearing type giving it a graceful appearance. We have not seen fire blight and mildew on it.  Fruit thinning can be done quickly with very little effort.

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